"Internet communication error: SSL connect error (" When Connecting to OneDrive

Published: 05 Nov 2021
Last Modified Date: 05 Nov 2021


When connecting to a file hosted on OneDrive, the following error may occur:

Unable to connect to data source with the supplied credentials, or no credentials provided. 
Unable to authenticate using supplied user credentials. 
Internet communication error: SSL connect error 


  • Tableau Server
  • OneDrive


Work with your network team to troubleshoot the underlying SSL/TLS connection issue for the SharePoint URL (related to the OneDrive account) on the Tableau Server computer.

The following example command can be run on the Tableau Server computer to check for such SSL/TLS connection issues:
curl -v


There may be an SSL/TLS connection issue for the related SharePoint URL on the Tableau Server computer.
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