Error "Internet communication error: SSL connect error" Connecting to Data

Published: 20 Dec 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jan 2019


Creating a live data source connection results in the following error: 

Internet communication error: SSL connect error  <data source>

If you click "Reload view", the data will load properly, but interacting with the view will result in the error reoccurring.

This article uses Google BigQuery as the prime example, but this error can happen with any live connection to data.



  • Tableau Server 
  • Windows Server
  • Live Data Connection


Use one of the following options. 
  • Unblock or whitelist "" and "" (or other issuer-based CRL endpoint) in your security software so that Certificate Revocation List checks can proceed normally.
  • Use this article from Microsoft to disable the CRL check which attempts to access "".  In some cases, you may still need to unblock the issuer-based CRL endpoint.  If "" URL cannot be unblocked, this is the preferred resolution.
  • Use this alternative technique, also published by Microsoft, to set the timeout for the CRL check to a much lower number (they suggest 1 second) instead of the default 15~20 seconds.  In some cases, you may still need to unblock the issuer-based CRL endpoint.
If there is nothing blocking internet traffic in your environemnt, you may need to configure the operating system to trust the SSL certificate used by the original data source. See Error "Internet Communication Error: SSL Connect Error (<ServerName>)" Publishing Workbook to Tableau Server for more information.


Security software is preventing Windows from verifying the authenticity of the SSL certificates. 
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