"Internal licensing error" When Activating Tableau Prep

Published: 19 Nov 2018
Last Modified Date: 03 Mar 2021


When activating Tableau Prep, the following error may occur:
The product is unable to activate due to an internal licensing error. Contact your System Administrator.


Tableau Prep


Option 1: Verify that the FlexNet Licensing Service is running


  1. From the Windows Start menu, open services.msc.

  2. In the Services dialog box, verify that the status for the FlexNet Licensing Service is Started.

    Note: If the Start option is grayed out, right-click FlexNet Licensing Service in the list and select Properties. On the General tab, click Start, then click OK to close the dialog box.


  1. Start the Terminal application.

  2. Navigate to the FlexNet directory:

    '/Applications/Tableau Desktop <Tableau>/Contents/Frameworks/FlexNet/'custactutil -view

    For example '/Applications/Tableau Desktop'custactutil -view

Verify that the FlexNet Licensing Service is running. You should see Trust Flags = FULLY TRUSTED and Status = ENABLED.

Option 2 

Ensure the license key being used to activate is a "Creator - Desktop & Prep" license key, beginning with the letters "TC."  Desktop Professional keys (beginning with the letters "TD") are incompatible with Tableau Prep.

Option 3 (Windows Only): Verify the version of FNPLicensingService64.exe is

1. Navigate to the FNPLicensingService64.exe file (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Macrovision Shared\FlexNet Publisher\FNPLicensingService64.exe)
2. Right click on the exe, and choose Properties.
​​​​​​​3. Click the Details tab and verify the "File version" shows


The FlexNet Licensing Service that Tableau uses is not running.
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