Installing Tableau Server 2020.4.4 Failed at Step 12/35

Published: 12 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 29 Jul 2021


Installing Tableau Server 2020.4.4 failed at step 12/35, if '.\' is used instead of '<computer name | domain>\' for Run As User Account in initial setting. For example, 

Correct - tableau-pc\admin
Incorrect - .\admin 


  • Tableau Server 2020.4.3 - 2020.4.6
  • Tableau Server 2021.1.1 - 2021.1.3
  • Tableau Server 2021.2.0 
  • Windows


Upgrade Tableau Server to version 2020.4.7 or later / 2021.1.4 or later / 2021.2.1 or later. 

As an alternative, use '<computer name | domain>\<username>' format for specifying the Run As User Account in initial setting and rerun the installation. 


Specifying the Run As User in ".\admin" format (without the domain/computer name) was not accepted upon running the installation. 
This is a known issue that is fixed in more recent versions of Tableau Server.
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