Install Tableau Server 2020.4 fails at configure initial node with ServiceOperationTimeoutException error

Published: 01 Feb 2021
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Installation of Tableau Server 2020.4 failed at confiture initial node with ServiceOperationTimeoutException error.


  • Tableau Server 2020.4.x
  • Windows


There is 2 possible workarounds.

Option 1: Increase the hardware spec to 16vCPU/64GB or more.

Option 2: Use the TSM CLI instead of TSM WebUI to initialize Tableau Server with the steps below.
1. Confirm that TSM is installed and running:
tsm status -v
The status will be STOPPED but the tsm-specific processes will be running:
'Tableau Server Coordination Service 0' is running.
'Tableau Server Administration Agent 0' is running.
'Tableau Server Administration Controller 0' is running.
'Tableau Server License Manager 0' is running.
'Tableau Server Client File Service 0' is running.
2. Initialize Tableau Server 
tsm initialize --request-timeout 3600
3. Start Tableau Server.
tsm start --request-timeout 3600
4. After the initialization is complete, create the Tableau Server administrator user account.


The initialization and start of Tableau Server timed out after 30 mins (1800 seconds), which is the default setting.
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