Inputting Japanese texts in Flow edit page is unstable on Tableau Cloud and Tableau Server

Published: 06 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 24 Nov 2022


When editing the output file name in flow edit page to input Japanese texts, the IME conversion is unstable and the characters are not displayed properly. This worked fine in older version e.g. Tableau Server 2022.1.8.

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  • Tableau Cloud 2022.3
  • Tableau Server 2022.3 (Both Linux and Windows)


There are some workarounds:

Option 1

    1. Enter Japanese characters in "Name" text box of the output step
    2. Navigate to "Description" text box and confirm the characters are reflected in "Name" text box.
    3. Repeat the above 1 and 2, to enter the Japanese characters.

Option 2

Copy Japanese characters from another application like a text editor then paste it to "Name" text box of the output step.

Option 3

Download the flow, and open it with Tableau Prep Builder then edit the output name and publish it.


This issue is under investigation by the development team.
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