“Inf” Is Shown in the Crosstab With Other Numbers in Tableau Desktop

Published: 11 Nov 2022
Last Modified Date: 11 Nov 2022


The ”inf” is shown in some parts of the crosstab with other numbers. What is the reason and how to resolve it?

For example, in a crosstab in Tableau Desktop, some cells are showing "inf" while other parts are normal.
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  • Tableau Desktop


Check the data type/format (float, int, etc.) of the fields showing "inf" and make sure they are valid. 
Since the measure is shown as an aggregation (e.g. SUM) in the Tableau crosstab, if there is an "inf" in a record during aggregation, it will be shown as "inf".
for example: inf + number = inf


"inf" data is from the database side and Tableau Desktop just shows it in the view.

Additional Information

The word "inf" means "infinity" and is generally indicated in the following cases
1. Result of dividing a positive number by 0
2. Result of computing a number greater than 1.796E308 (the largest number a computer can represent in 64 bits)
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