Incorrectly Changing the <process>.vmopts Configuration Option May Cause The Process To Become STATUS_UNAVAILABLE And Fail To Start

Published: 07 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 11 Oct 2022


After changing a <process>.vmopts configuration option or importing a .json configuration file of an older Tableau Server version, the result of "tsm status -v" may be STATUS_UNAVAILABLE and the processes may fail to start.

Please note: These values should be changed from the default values only when absolutely necessary for troubleshooting or performance tuning as designated by a Technical Support Engineer, Tableau Online Help, or a Tableau knowledge article.



  • Tableau Server


Perform the following commands to set the configuration option changes back to the default values:
  1. tsm configuration set -k <process>.vmopts -d
  2. tsm pending-changes apply

To check the default values use the following command to ensure the custom values (JVM options) are in the correct format.  Do not omit any necessary settings of the current version. 
tsm configuration get -k <process>.vmopts


 A <process>.vmopts update has occurred that is not valid.

Additional Information

The following error can be found in stdout_<process>_node<n>-<0>.log:
Loading JVM library <path>\data\tabsvc\services\<process>_0.<build number>\repository\jre\bin\server\jvm.dll
Unrecognized option: <custom values>
[ERROR] Error -1: Failed to initialize Java VM.
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