Incorrect User View Statistics Displayed in the Tableau Server Administrative Views

Published: 02 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 21 Nov 2016


When users navigate to published views on Tableau Server, those views are not being recorded in the Admin View Traffic to Views.

Additionally, connecting to Tableau Server's Postgres Repository shows no traffic.


Tableau Server 9.0.14 or earlier, 9.1.8 or earlier, 9.2.6 or earlier versions


Upgrade to Tableau Server 9.0.14, Tableau Server 9.1.8, Tableau Server 9.2.6 or a later version. For more information, see Upgrade Tableau Server.


In some cases, user view data was not properly written to the Tableau Server repository database, which resulted in incorrectly displayed user view statistics in the Tableau Server administrative views.

Additional Information

This is the result of a known defect (ID #466073) found in earlier versions of Tableau Server. 
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