Incorrect Data Displays for Incremental Refreshes When Using a Non-Unique Key With 2023.1

Published: 17 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 26 Jul 2023


When performing an incremental extract refresh using a non-unique key (e.g. date), the job succeeds however the extracted data may be incorrect.


  • Tableau Cloud (between 2/20/2023 and 3/21/23)
  • Tableau Server 2023.1.0, 2023.1.1
  • Tableau Desktop 2023.1.0
  • Tableau Bridge 20231.23.0216.1709
  • Incremental Extract Refreshes


Upgrade to the appropriate releases from May of 2023 and newer:

  • Tableau Server 2023.1.2 and newer
  • Tableau Desktop 2023.1.2 and newer
  • Tableau Bridge 20231.23.0511.1508 and newer

If not able to upgrade, here are the workarounds for this issue.

Tableau Bridge

Scenario 1 - Using Tableau Bridge 20231.23.0216.1709 (March 14, 2023 release)

  1. If you are using Tableau Bridge 20231.23.0216.1709 (March 14, 2023 release), you need to install Tableau Bridge version 20224.23.0312.0353 (March 28, 2023 release) instead. The 20231.23.0216.1709 version may cause duplicative rows to be added to the incremental extract or missing data. 
  2. Follow the steps under the Run a refresh on Tableau Cloud section in our Product Help

Scenario 2 - Tableau Bridge 20224.23.0209.1653 or earlier

Follow the steps under the Run a refresh on Tableau Cloud section in our Product Help 

Tableau Desktop (version 2023.1.0 only)

Disable the NonUniqueIncrementalKey feature flag by taking the following steps:


  1. Open the Windows Registry Editor.
  2. Navigate to Computer -> HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Tableau -> Tableau 2023.1
  3. Add a new key named Debug if one does not exist.
  4. Add the string value FeatureOverrideOff to the Debug key
  5. In the Value data field, add feature flag NonUniqueIncrementalKey


Open a terminal window


  • sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.tableau.Tableau-2023.1 Debug.FeatureOverrideOff "NonUniqueIncrementalKey"

If you do not have sudo permission, run the following command

  • defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/com.tableau.Tableau-2023.1 Debug.FeatureOverrideOff "NonUniqueIncrementalKey"

Tableau Server (versions 2023.1.0 and 2023.1.1 only)

Run the below TSM commands to disable the non-unique incremental key feature.

tsm configuration set -k features.NonUniqueIncrementalKey -v false

tsm pending-changes apply

See tsm Command Line Reference for more information.


This issue has been fixed in May of 2023 under Release Note ID 1505333 which is 2023.1.2 and higher versions.

Tableau Cloud was updated in March of 2023.

Additional Information

Regarding the Non-Unique key message, “unique” means the source database must have a uniqueness constraint for the column. If it doesn’t, then the extract may be impacted, regardless of whether every row is unique or not.


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