In a Flow Directly Connected to Oracle, Data Is Not Output When String Type Date and TODAY() Converted by REPLACE() Function Are Compared and Filtered

Published: 21 Jun 2023
Last Modified Date: 22 Jun 2023


In a flow directly connected to an Oracle table, when the TODAY() function is converted to the "yyyymmdd" format using the REPLACE() function and filtered, the data is displayed in the GUI but not output after executing the flow.
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The issue occurs when the calculations are created as follows:

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Then filtering to TRUE only in Tableau Prep Builder, data is not output while the data is displayed in the GUI.

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  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Oracle


Workaround 1

Do not use the REPLACE() function to convert TODAY() to "yyyymmdd" format but using the following calculation instead:


Workaround 2

Convert ​the String type date field to Date type in Tableau Prep Builder, and compare it with TODAY().

Workaround 3

Publish the data source connected to Oracle as an extract, and then connect it from Tableau Prep Builder.


The Tableau Development team is currently investigating this issue under Known Issue ID W-13634413.
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