Images Are Not Displayed After Assigning Image Roles to URLs

Published: 24 Jan 2023
Last Modified Date: 24 Jan 2023


Images are not displayed in a Viz after assigning image roles to URLs.


  • Tableau Desktop 2022.4.0


The image is not displayed when assinging the image roles (new feature added in Tableau Desktop 2022.4) in the Viz.

Image role feaure only accepts URLs. The alternative to using the image role feature is to use the embedded image/viz in the tooltip.
Below is an example to display an image in the tooltip of a cross-tab.
User-added image

1. Prepare the image files.
2. Copy the image files to a new folder in the My Tableau Repository\Shapes folder in your Documents folder. The name of the folder will be used as the name of the palette in Tableau. In the example below, Custom folder is newly created.
 User-added image
3. Launch Tableau Desktop and create a viz to display in tooltip as Shape. Name the sheet as Viz in Tooltip. Hide unnecessary headers as you need.
 User-added image
4. Create a cross-tab and insert a Viz in Tooltip sheet to Tooltip.
 User-added image


The URL/path to the image file is not complete and missing file extensions like .jpeg, png, etc.

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