Image Role Images are not printed in exported PDF from Tableau Server

Published: 05 Jul 2023
Last Modified Date: 10 Jan 2024


Prior to 2023.3, image role PDF export from Tableau Server does not work as expected when more than 30 images and server-side rendering is invoked.  The image size must also be less than 128 KB.


  • Tableau Server



Upgrade to 2023.3 where the thresholds have been increased to allow for up to 100 images per image role and images up to 200KB.

Prior to 2023.3:

  • Use client-side rendering mode, take a screen shot with the OS functionality
  • Reduce the number of images rendered to be less than 30 then export as PDF with Tableau Server functionality

See the Idea in the Community to view the latest update.


Starting in 2023.3, it is possible to have up to 100 images per image role and up to 200KB as noted in the Tableau Online Help.
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