If The Specified User Has Been Selected For "Force Password Update" By The Administrator, Error "Sign in failed." Occurs On The Next Sign-In Attempt

Published: 23 Jul 2020
Last Modified Date: 27 Jul 2020


In Tableau Server using local authentication configuration, after the administrator selected "Force Password Update" for a user, the specified user may not be prompted to update the password on the next sign-in attempt.

The following issues occur when using Internet Explorer:
1. On the next sign-in attempt, even the URL has been redirected for resetting the password, the sign-in screen displays again. (The password reset screen does not display)
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2. If the user tries to sign-in again, error "Sign in failed." occurs.
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  • Local Authentication
  • Internet Explorer
  • Tableau Server 2019.4 - 2020.1


Workaround 1
Click "Refresh (F5)" of Internet Explorer.
When the "resetPassword" is displayed in URL, after ​​​​​refreshing the screen, the password reset screen will display correctly and the user will be able to reset the password.
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Workaround 2
Change the web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Workaround 3
Upgrade to the latest maintenance release.


This issue occurs in Internet Explorer and has been resolved on the latest maintenance release.
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