Identifying site administrators using the Tableau Server Postgres repository

Published: 05 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 24 Aug 2022


How to identify site administrators using Tableau Server repository


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Typically, it is outside the scope of Tableau Technical Support to assist with writing custom admin views. The internal PostgreSQL database was designed for use by Tableau, so the amount of support we offer in its use by customers is limited. Two great resources for creating custom admin views are:
Workgroup Database Data Dictionary
Tableau Server Administration Community
The community, especially, is a fantastic place to find examples of custom admin views created by our customers for lots of different purposes. If you don't see anything there that fits your needs, post what you're looking for and I'll bet someone will have some ideas!
That being said, here are some pointers for what fields/tables could be used to create a quick custom admin view listing site admins.
  • A list of users is stored in the 'users' table. It contains a field named 'admin_level', which is an integer. If the 'admin_level' is "5", the user is a site admin. If it is a "0", they are not.
  • The same 'users' table holds a 'site_id' field. This is a foreign key from the 'sites' table that lists which site the user in question is a member of.
  • The 'sites' table's 'name' field can be joined to provide a human-readable site name.
  • The 'users' table also holds a 'system user id' field. This can be joined to the 'id' field in the 'system users' table. The 'system users' table holds both 'name' and 'email' for the user in question in a human-readable format.

+ All of the tables mentioned above must be accessed using the "readonly" account, they will not be accessible with the "tableau" account. For information on enabling the "readonly" account, please see the following link. (

Additional Information

Note: in 10.5 the ability to use the admin_level field is no longer available from the users table.

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