HTTPS Addresses are Redirected to HTTP Addresses

Published: 26 Apr 2013
Last Modified Date: 07 Jul 2020


When using a reverse proxy configured for SSL, HTTPS addresses are redirected to HTTP addresses.


  • Tableau Server (not configured for SSL/HTTPS)
  • Reverse Proxy acting as an SSL Proxy


Configure the X-Forwarded-Proto header to be https in reverse proxy configuration.


Because the proxy is requesting pages from the Tableau Server using HTTP, Tableau Server writes URLs using HTTP. When the proxy provides the protocol information in the X-Forwarded-Proto header, Tableau Server knows to write URLs using HTTPS instead.

Additional Information

  • Not configuring the X-Forwarded-Proto header can also cause links to point to HTTP where HTTPS is expected. You might notice this in the browser status bar when you mouse over hyperlinks on web pages.
  • X-Forwarded-Proto is sometimes written as X_FORWARDED_PROTO. The naming convention depends on the type of proxy, and you can confirm correct terminology by consulting the proxy configuration documentation.
  • Helping to configure a proxy is outside of the scope of Tableau Support. However, you might want to search for other Knowledge Base articles that contain specific information about issues we have seen with some proxy software.

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