How to Make Axis Title Color and Chart Color to Be the Same

Published: 14 Dec 2018
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Unable to modify the color of the axis title to be gradient, and to be in accordance with the color in the view.


  • Tableau Desktop 2018.3


Workaround - Using a Dual Axis and calculation field to change the color of the axis title to be gradient and in accordance with the color in the view

  1. Drag Category to the column shelf, and Sales to the row shelf
  2. Drag Sales from the data pane again to the row shelf
  3. Click the second Sales in the row shell and change the aggregate calculation formula to "AVG (0)"
  4. Right-click "Total (AVG (0))" on the row shelf and select Dual axis
  5. In the generated dual axis chart, right click on the right vertical axis. Select Synchronize axes
  6. In the generated dual axis chart, right click on the horizontal axis at the bottom and uncheck Display Header
  7. In the Marks card on the left, change each field's "shape" as follows:
    • Total (Sales) changes to Bar chart
    • Shape of aggregate (AVG (0)) changes to Text
  8. Adjust the value of "Total (AVG (0))" on the row shelf so that characters can be displayed at the bottom of the bar graph
    • AVG (0) changes to AVG (25000)
  9. If necessary, edit the range of the left and right axes
  10. Create a Multiple Color calculation field by right clicking on the data pane and selecting Create calculation field. In the edit window, enter a calculation formula which could match with each category, for example:
    CASE [Category]
    WHEN 'Furniture' THEN 1
    WHEN 'Office Supplies' THEN 2
    WHEN 'Technology' THEN 3
  11. Drag the Multiple Color calculation field to  Color mark card of the "Summary (-AVG (25000))" mark card
  12. Drag the Category dimension from the data pane onto the "Total (-AVG (25000))" mark card's "Text" card
  13. Adjust the horizontal axis width as necessary
  14. Double-click the Sales control pane in the upper right to edit colors
  15. Double-click the Multiple Color pane on the upper right to edit colors
  16. In the color edit window, open the Select color palette edit pull down list and change the color from "Auto" to Blue

Note: By setting the color of character on the axis and the color of the bar graph to be the same, you will be able to show the trend of color change in accordance with the color trend in the view.

Please see attachments for the example workbook.


The ability to make axis title color and chart color to be the same is currently not built into the product.
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