How to fix the axis range regardless of the filter

Published: 20 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 21 Oct 2022


How to fix the axis range regardless of the filter.

<Current behavior>
When the filter is changed, the axis scale changes.
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<Desired behavior>
Changing the filter does not change the axis scale.
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  • Tableau Desktop


Can be achieved by using a reference line.

<STEP 1 -Create a view->
1. Connect to Sample -Superstore.
2. Drag [Order Date] to Columns and [Sales] to Rows.
3. Drag [Region] to Filter Pane
4. Right click on [Region] -> Show Filter.

<STEP2 -Add a reference line->
5. Create a new calculated field as following.
     Name : Max Window Height
     Calculation : {FIXED DATEPART('year', [Order Date]):SUM([Sales])}
6. Drag [Max Window Height] to Detail on Marks.
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7. Right click on axis of Sales -> Add Reference line
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8. Set as following.
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This feature is not built in Tableau Desktop yet.
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