How to display the axis label for each data

Published: 07 Apr 2023
Last Modified Date: 11 Apr 2023


How to display axis for each data.

The view below shows Sales data for each Category.
<Current Behavior>
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<Desired Behavior>
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  • Tableau Desktop


Create a sheet for each data and apply the sheet selector and add each on the dashboard.

1. Connect to Sample Superstore from Tableau Desktop.
2. Drag [Order Date] to Columns and [Sales] to Rows.
3. Drag [Category] to Color on Marks.
4. Drag []Category to Filter Pane -> Check in only 'Furniture'.
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5. Create a new parameter as following.
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6. Right click on [Show/Hide Furniture] -> Show Parameter
7. Crate a new calculated field as following.
     Name : Furniture Filter
     Calculation : [Show/Hide Furniture]
8. Drag [Furniture Filter] to Filter Pane -> Check in 'Custom value list' -> Enter '1' to search bar -> Press Enter key -> Check in '1'
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9. Right click on Sales Axis -> Edit Axis -> Change the Title to 'Furniture'.
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10. Crate a new sheet -> Replace the category with [Office Supplies] and perform steps 2 ~ 9.
11. Crate a new sheet -> Replace the category with [Technology] and perform steps 2 ~ 9.

12. Create a new dashboard 
13. Drag 'Horizontal' object at the top and bottom of the dashboard as shown below.
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14. As following image, place each sheets in the "Horizontal container" below.
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15. Delete Color Legend from dashboard.
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16. Adjust containers height.
17. Click on Furniture sheet on dashboard -> Delta mark -> Title
//Title is hidden.
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18. Apply step 17 to the other 2 sheets.



This feature is not built in Tableau Desktop yet.
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