How to display labels for small sized areas in a tree map

Published: 22 Aug 2022
Last Modified Date: 23 Aug 2022


How to display the labels for small sized areas when creating tree map.

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  • Tableau Desktop


To annotate areas where no text is displayed perform the following:


Step 1

Create the tree map.

1. Connect to the Sample-Superstore data.
2. Drag Sales to Size on the Marks card.
3. Drag Sales to Color on the Marks card.
4. Drag Sub-Category to Label on the Marks card.

Step 2

Annotate areas where no text is displayed.

5. Right-click on areas where no text is displayed and select Annotate > Mark
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6. In the Edit Annotation box, enter the dimension name Sub-Category and select OK.   
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7. Right-click on the added annotation and select Format.
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8. In the Format Annotation box, change the setting as shown in the red boxes below.
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The labels are not displayed in small area in a tree map by design. 
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