Unable to Control Auto Upgrade Messaging in Tableau Desktop and Discover Pane

Published: 15 Jan 2016
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


Tableau Desktop can not publish to earlier versions of Tableau Server.
Because of this, Admins with a particular server version do not want their Tableau Desktop authors to upgrade past that version, but some upgrades still occur. 


Tableau Desktop


This requires two sets of steps as there are two places Tableau Desktop sends upgrade messaging. The auto-update will pop up a dialogue box during startup if new versions are detected as being available. And the Discover panel may contain an "Update to X.X Now" banner at the bottom.

  1. Disable Auto-Update Pop-ups at Startup

    • Option 1: Select Help > Settings and Performance > Disable Automatic Product Updates

    • Option 2: install tableau with auto-updates turned off (see the following Tableau Help document: Control Product Updates for Tableau Desktop)

  2. Disable Auto-Updates in the Discover Pane

    1. Open Notepad or other text editting software.

    2. Open the Preferences.tps file in the Tableau Repository (by default this is located at C:\Users\{user name}\Documents\My Tableau Repository)

    3. Add following line after the <preferences> line:

      <preference name="" value="false"/>

      It should look something like this:

      <?xml version='1.0'?>
                  <preference name="" value="false"/>
    4. Save the changes to the file.


The ability to disable auto-update options is not built into Tableau Desktop. 
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