History Marks are not Displayed When Using Pages Shelf and Turn on Show History

Published: 28 Dec 2022
Last Modified Date: 30 Dec 2022


History marks do not show when using the Pages shelf and "Show history" is selected. 
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  • Tableau Desktop 


Check the setting on the "Show history" window of the Pages shelf as described in the following steps and demonstrated in the attached packaged workbook:

1. Select the Show history drop-down and update as follows:
  • Marks to show history for: All
  • Show: Both
  • Marks > Format is set as a non-white color
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2. On the Menu bar, click on Format > Animations 
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3. Set the Workbook Default setting to Off
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When the animation function is set as on by default, page history is not displayed.  This behavior is being investigated by the Tableau Development Team.
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