Header Alias Is Reset After Changing Aggregation Method of Totals

Published: 26 Dec 2023
Last Modified Date: 26 Dec 2023


When changing header alias on a view, the alias is reset after changing aggregation method of totals.

For example, assume you have added grand totals (and subtotals) on your view, and have edited the header alias as follows.
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By default, aggregation method of totals is set to Automatic.

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If you change the aggregation method to other than Automatic, the header alias is reset to the original field name.

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  • Tableau Desktop


If you would like to keep the header aliases regardless of aggregation method of totals, rename the original fields in the Data pane. If renaming the fields affects other views, duplicate the fields and rename them.

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Tableau Desktop retains aliases for each aggregation method in the workbook.
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