Hand Icon Does Not Appear When Hovering Cursor over Headers or Tool-Tips on Published Views

Published: 02 Oct 2015
Last Modified Date: 11 Oct 2019


When hovering over headers or tool-tips on published views, the hand icon for the cursor does not appear. 


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Online


Try the below workaround options.

Option 1 Use the client-side rendering URL parameter :render=true to force the view to render as many parts client-side as possible. For example:

Option 2 Redesign views and dashboards with reduced complexity, such that server-side rendering does not occur for the mark data. Complexity factors include number of marks, headers, reference lines, and annotations. 

Option 3 (Tableau Server) Increase the rendering complexity threshold using "tsm configuration set vizqlserver.browser.render_threshold". See tsm configuration set Options for more information. 


Views that exceed a preset level of complexity are rendered by the server automatically instead of in the web browser.

Additional Information

Attempting to force client-side rendering using the URL parameter will not change this behavior in all cases. This is because the the server automatically renders the view using "server-side" rendering when it determines that the view is complex and performance would improve by forcing server-side rendering. This involves generating an image of the view on the server so the amount of data sent to the client is limited. When a view is "client-rendered," we have all the mark data on the client, so we can respond immediately to interactions (such as showing borders and changing to the mouse icon on hover). When the view is rendered on the server we don't have item-level detail about the marks, so we don't show the borders or mouse icon changing on hover.

Note: If a view uses the polygon mark type or the page history feature, server-side rendering is always performed, even if client-side rendering is enabled.

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