Groups or Permissions Disappeared From Workbooks

Published: 13 Sep 2013
Last Modified Date: 07 Oct 2019


All the groups assigned to workbooks disappear. Additionally, Apache access logs reveal user clicking "Assign Permissions to Contents": - - [<time stamp>] 80 "POST /set_defaults_for_container/permissions?language=en HTTP/1.1" "" 200 695 "405" 78141 UjDa8go0BiEAABhEAicAAAIF


Tableau Server


Option 1

Restore latest backup.  Permissions will return to the state they were in at the time of the latest backup.

Option 2

Manually fix permissions.


A user clicked "Assign Permissions to Contents".

Additional Information

Shortly above the "POST /set_defaults_for_container/permissions" log line, the logs will reveal what things were being checked:

  • For projects, it will show "POST /selectionChanged/projects"
  • For workbooks, it will show "POST /selectionChanged/workbooks"
  • For views, it will show "POST /selectionChanged/views"

If Automatic Login is enabled, the logs will reveal the user, as in the example below: - DOMAIN\\user [11/Sep/2013:15:04:50 -0600] 80 "POST /set_defaults_for_container/permissions?language=en HTTP/1.1" "" 200 695 "405" 78141 UjDa8go0BiEAABhEAicAAAIF

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