Grid Lines Are Unexpectedly Displayed For Crosstab After Publishing

Published: 27 Mar 2020
Last Modified Date: 08 Jul 2022


When Client-Side Rendering in Tableau Server, the settings of grid lines are applied to crosstab (In Tableau Desktop the settings are not applied to crosstab). 

For example, if the color of grid lines was changed to red, this setting will not be applied to crosstab in Tableau Desktop.
(Tableau Desktop)
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But after published, the red color may be applied to crosstab.
(Tableau Server - Client-Side Rendering)
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  • Tableau Server 2020.1.0
  • Tableau Server 2019.4
  • Tableau Server 2019.3
  • Tableau Server 2019.2
  • Tableau Server 2019.1
  • Tableau Server 2018.3


Option 1
Turn off the Grid lines by Web Edit or Tableau Desktop
Option 2
Change the Grid lines of the crosstab worksheet back to default. 
Option 3
Test the complexity threshold and change “vizqlserver.browser.render_threshold” to use Server-Side Rendering instead. For more detail see Configure Client-Side Rendering
Option 4
Upgrade to Tableau Server to version 2020.1.1 or above.


This is related to a known issue that is fixed in more recent versions of Tableau Server.

Additional Information

To confirm if the viz is rendered by the server or client:
1. Add ":jsdebug=true" URL parameter to the end of the URL upon accessing the viz. e.g. https://<hostname>/#/views/Superstore/Overview?:jsdebug=true
2. Check the menu bar.
  "B" (or "RB") means a Client-Side Rendering view.
  "S" (or "RS") means a Server-Side Rendering view.
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