Grand Totals Are Blank For Calculated Field That Include ATTR() Including Fields That Blend Data From Multiple Data Sources

Published: 03 May 2016
Last Modified Date: 18 Aug 2020


When attempting to turn on grand totals for calculated field using ATTR(), then results are NULL.


Tableau Desktop


Replace ATTR() with MIN() in the calculated field


ATTR() returns NULL when there are multiple values, and all dimension values are in the scope of the grand totals row. Thus ATTR() would return NULL in the grand totals row.

By default Tableau Desktop wraps fields from a secondary data source in an aggregation in calculated fields. If this aggregation is ATTR() then the grand totals may be blank.

Additional Information

While replacing ATTR() with MIN() will cause "Automatic" grand totals to show, the grand totals might not be the expected values. 

If the final calculation does not use table calculations, and the view does not use data blending, then changing the total aggregation to SUM should resolve the issue. See Configuring Grand Totals for more information.

If the final calculation uses table calculations, then see Grand Totals and Subtotals Do Not Show Expected Numbers.

If the view uses data blending, see Showing Grand Totals with Blended Data.

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