"Gateway timeout. Check to make sure the service is running" Error Occurs When Publishing Content With Embedded OAuth Credentials

Published: 22 Mar 2023
Last Modified Date: 22 Mar 2023


When publishing a workbook or data source with embedded OAuth credentials from Tableau Desktop through a forward proxy, the following unexpected error occurs:

Gateway timeout. Check to make sure the service is running
Error Code: C926DA9F

There is no issue if OAuth credentials are not embedded.


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop
  • OAuth Connections
  • Forward Proxy


This unexpected server error occurs when the correct forward proxy is not configured to pass OAuth credentials.

Additional Information

Forward proxy for OAuth authentication
OAuth Connections

The following error can be seen in Tableau Desktop log.txt:
"k":"msg","v":"HTTPRequestor::DoWork::HTTPException 504 <Tableau Server URL>/vizportal/api/clientxml/auth/keychains?language=ja&connection={\"authentication\":\"auth-oauth\",\"class\":\"<database>\",\"oauth-client\":\"server\",\"server\":\"<database URL>\",\"username\":\"<database username>\"
"k":"excp","e":{"excp-error-code":"0xC926DA9F","excp-source":"NeedsClassification","excp-status-code":"UNKNOWN"},"v":{"excp-msg":"Gateway timeout. Check to make sure the service is running.\n","excp-type":"HTTPException","msg":"HTTPRequestor: rethrow exception"

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