Gateway process fails to start after Tableau Server Upgrade (Linux version).

Published: 03 Oct 2023
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2023


The gateway process fails to start after the Tableau Server Upgrade (Linux version).

We can find the following error from the startup log of Apache.
Log File: <data>/tabsvc/logs/httpd/startup.log 

Log Error Message:(38)Function not implemented: AH00141: Could not initialize random number generator


  • Tableau Server 
  • CentOS 7


After confirming the error message, please try to "sudo yum update" to update the Linux kernel.
1. tsm stop.
2. sudo yum update (each node)
3. tsm start


Apache cannot start due to the kernel version being too old. This issue may also occur upon new installation of Tableau Server if the kernel version is old. 

Additional Information

1. We recommend running "yum update" before upgrading the Tableau Server. Please take a system backup if necessary.
    Please refer to more details in  Single-Server Upgrade -- Run Setup

2. Run the command "name -a" to confirm the current Kernel version in Redhat Enterprise Linux/CentOS

3. Kernel Version History.
   Red Hat Enterprise Linux Release Dates

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