Forecast Option Not Available (Grayed Out)

Published: 25 Mar 2013
Last Modified Date: 07 Oct 2019


When you select Analysis > Forecast, the options are not available (grayed out), and you are not able to use the forecasting functionality.


Tableau Desktop 


To troubleshoot the issue, take any of the following steps that apply to your workbook.

  • Remove table calculations.
  • If the date field level is Exact Date, choose a different date level. For more information, see Changing Date Levels.
  • Remove totals or percentages if they are displayed on the view. 
  • Make sure that there are at least five entries in your time series. For example, if your date level is set to years, you must have at least five years of data, if months, at least five months.
  • Remove measures from the Filters shelf.
  • Make sure the data does not contain any nulls. 


A component of a data source or view that the forecasting functionality currently does not support is included in the view.

Additional Information

In some instances, right-clicking the date on a shelf in the view will not indicate that Exact Date is selected, but the date field may be an exact date from the data source. To resolve the issue, you can create a custom date:

  1. Right-click the date field and select Create Custom Date.
  2. In the dropdown list, select Months, and then click OK.

As of the release of Tableau Desktop 2018.1, you can now hover over a grayed-out field in order to see what your view is missing to use the feature. For more information, see Tips for analytics objects in Tableau Help. 

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