Forecast Custom Colors Revert after Changing Language

Published: 23 Oct 2017
Last Modified Date: 23 Oct 2017


After setting custom colors for the "Actual" and "Estimate" dimensional members in a view, then changing Tableau to another language, the forecast colors revert to the default.



  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Desktop


Open the workbook in any language you expect it to be used with, and set custom colors in those languages specifically. Then save the workbook again.



The colors set for a forecast are associated withe the string values "Actual" and "Estimate" (or their equivalents in another language.)  These, unlike most dimension members, are translated when the language of Tableau Desktop or Tableau Server is changed. When these values are translated, they become different strings and their colors revert to the default, unless colors have been specifically set for those strings in the new language.

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