Flow run fails with error "Initial node <nodeId> must be an instance of InputNode"

Published: 28 May 2021
Last Modified Date: 28 May 2021


After running the flow in Tableau Server it fails with the following error: 
        ERROR com.tableau.loom.floworchestration.FlowOrchestrator - Failed to run the flow 20dd93f1-a9ae-48c6-97da-8f541c261ea6 because of {}
        java.lang.IllegalStateException: Initial node 07702f37-715c-4fca-a764-fbd35575f5db must be an instance of InputNode


  • Tableau Server 2020.3.2
  • Excel


1. Open the flow in Tableau Prep Builder.
2. Find one or more inputs that are missing a connection.
3. If there is any input node that is not connected to any step, drag the input to the step and drop it on Add.
4. Publish the flow from the menu (Server > Publish Flow )


There is missing connection to one or more inputs.

Example of scenarios when connection to one or more inputs is missed:

a. If the flow is not completely published:
For example instead of selecting "Server > Publish Flow..." from the menu to publish the flow right click on "Output > Save Steps as Flow > Publish to Server" is performed

b. There is one or more inputs in the flow that is not connected to any step.
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