Flow Run Error "Could not initialize class com.facebook.presto.jdbc.internal.common.type.TimeZoneKey"

Published: 03 Jun 2022
Last Modified Date: 03 Jun 2022


When running a flow, the following error may occur:

An error occurred while communicating with Presto Could not initialize class com.facebook.presto.jdbc.internal.common.type.TimeZoneKey 


  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Prep Builder
  • Presto connector
  • Trino server


  1. Download the correct JDBC driver version (trino-jdbc-x.jar) for your Trino server version from
  2. Remove all other Trino and Presto JDBC driver versions from the JDBC driver folder. For example, for Linux, this would be /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc
  3. Save the correct JDBC driver version in the JDBC driver folder.
Note: If the environment is a multi-node Tableau Server instance, this should be done on all nodes.


An incorrect driver version has been used.
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