Floating Elements Shift in Published Fixed Dashboard

Published: 20 Jun 2019
Last Modified Date: 20 Aug 2019


When accessing a published workbook with a fixed dashboard, the floating elements within the dashboard shift. 


Tableau Online


Try the below workaround options. 

Option 1 Adjust the column size in the hidden worksheets, then adjust the floating zone size, and position it on the dashboard.
Option 2 Set the font size of your OS to 100% to see how it would look on a standard screen or browser before publishing.


When a "fixed width" dashboard is used, the dashboard display varies when displayed on two different resolution/font sizes. The dashboard zone width are not adjusted, but the columns inside the viz zone is self-adjusting based on the length of the text strings. All in all, the overall view is fixed and is not moving when viewed on different screens but the columns do adjust to fit within the fixed view.
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