Float values from a CSV file are recognized as String and returns NULL when converted to "Number (Decimal)"

Published: 28 Oct 2022
Last Modified Date: 11 Jan 2023


  • When a CSV file has floating decimals as commas (example 4,50.190), it is recognized as text and then returns Null when converted.
  • Dot is enforced for floating datatype.
  • Not affected by locale change to US, UK or FR.


  • Tableau Desktop 2022.2
  • Tableau Desktop 2022.3
  • Tableau Desktop 2022.4
  • Text Files
  • CSV


Upgrade to one of the following versions or newer: 2022.2.5, 2022.3.2, or 2022.4.1.

If it is not possible to upgrade, please review the workarounds below. 

Option 1
Use an older Tableau Desktop version before 2022.2.  See the Tableau Release Notes for downloading alternate versions.

Option 2
Use a replace() function calculation to change the commas to dots and then convert to "number(Decimal)".  Example: float(replace([affected field, ",",".")) with Text File Properties/Workbook Locale as Desired Locale

Option 3
Replace the commas with dots outside of Tableau in a notepad, excel, or other program.


This behavior is a Known Issue with ID 1468503 that is fixed in versions 2022.2.5, 2022.3.2, 2022.4.1 and newer.
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