FLOAT Data-type Values Not Displaying as Expected When Connected to Snowflake

Published: 14 Aug 2018
Last Modified Date: 19 Aug 2020


When connecting to Snowflake from Tableau Desktop, values for fields designated as FLOAT data-types in the database do not match what is being displayed in data source.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Snowflake


Change the data-type in the Snowflake database to specify a precision and scale (i.e. NUMERIC(38,4)) - as long as the second number in the parentheses (representing 'scale') is less than 16 and greater than 0, the expected values should be returned in Tableau Desktop.  

Information on changing Data-types in Snowflake can be found here.


In Snowflake, FLOAT data types use double precision floating point numbers. This generally means that FLOAT data type fields do not have a precision/scale that cooperates with Tableau. Tableau may unexpectedly throw errors or improperly render any values whose scale is greater than 16 (For example, 7.9251349817081219.) as Tableau internally represents decimals with a scale limited to 16.

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