Find the Dependencies of Tableau Server Installer in an Offline Linux Environment

Published: 13 Nov 2019
Last Modified Date: 14 Nov 2019


In an offline Linux environment, the normal installation steps documented in online help fail due to lack of dependencies.


Tableau Server on Linux


Follow the steps below to find the dependencies of Tableau Server installer:< br/>
  1.  Download the Tableau Server installer into Linux environment.
  2.  In command line, move to the directory where the installer is download into.
  3.  Run the following command to find out the dependencies of Tableau Server installer.
sudo yum deplist ./tableau-server-<version>.x86_64.rpm (For CentOS & Redhat)
dpkg -I ./tableau-server-<version>_amd64.deb (For Ubuntu)


The installer is not able to download dependencies from repository if the Linux environment is offline.
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