Filtering One Layer of a Map Causes All Layers to be Filtered

Published: 16 Nov 2016
Last Modified Date: 13 Jul 2017


When using one quick filter on a map view in Tableau Desktop, the other map layers are affected as well, and you are unable to filter only a single map layer.


Tableau Desktop


Use a Parameter instead of a filter, in which the Parameter is made as follows:
  1. Data type matches the data type of the field that is being used as a filter.
  2. Allowable values are set to "List"
  3. Populate the list using the values of the field that you wish to use as a filter.
    • If desired include "All" value
  4. Show parameter control.
  5. Create calculated field that is similar to the following:
    If [Parameter]=[Field You Wish to Filter On] or [Parameter]="All" then [Field You Wish To Filter on the Map Layer] end
  6. Replace the field that is creating marks on the map layer you want to filter with the calculated field.
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