'Unexpected Error' Occurs When Scrolling Through Filters in a Published Sheet that Includes Restricted Characters Such as '%' in the Name

Published: 25 Sep 2018
Last Modified Date: 30 Dec 2018


When clicking or scrolling through filters in a published workbook, an unexpected error is received on sheets that include restricted characters such as '%' in the name. 

"Unexpected Error



  • Tableau Online


Change the name of the sheet so it doesn't include any restricted characters. We recommend using substitutions in the title such as "pct" instead of "%".


Reserved characters must be percent encoded in conformance with RFC 3986.However, Apache decodes the percent-encoded characters before parsing the URI path and query string. So encoding just once (“single-encoding”) causes Apache to improperly handle the URI path of some of Tableau’s requests, especially if the path involves characters such as ‘?’, ‘/’ (in the middle of a name, rather than merely a delimiter), or ‘%’. Several of the other characters are similarly at risk within Tableau, such as ‘&’, ‘:’ and so on.


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