Filtering a Dual Axis Map on a Dashboard

Published: 17 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 26 Nov 2019


Unable to filter a dashboard that contains a dual axis map.


Tableau Desktop


Use Sheets to filter a dual axis map on a dashboard. Using the Sample - Superstore data source, create two action filters for the dual axis chart: one for states, and one for postal codes.
  1. Go to Dashboard > Actions
  2. In the menu, click Add Action > Filter.
  3. In the Edit filter action menu, select only the sheet that contains the dual axis map as the Source Sheet.
  4. Run action on should be set to Select.
  5. In the Target Sheet section, all sheets should be selected for the dashboard.
  6. For Target Filters, choose Selected Fields.
    1. Click the Add Filter button.
    2. In the add filter menu, select postal code in both drop down menus.
    3. Click OK.
  7. Click OK again in the edit filter action menu.
  8. Repeat the above steps. However, in the Target Filters menu, select state instead of postal code.
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