Filter values from URL parameters cannot be modified by changing the options for filter card

Published: 17 Jan 2024
Last Modified Date: 19 Jan 2024


Using the filters with URL parameters with the blended data source, some sheets on the dashboard show the incorrect data after changing the options for the filter card.

In the example below, the dashboard is limited to East region using following URL parameter.  The "primary" sheet and "secondary" sheet on dashboard are using the same data.
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The "primary" sheet is using [Region] field from primary data source as a filter.
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The "secondary" sheet is using [Region] field from secondary data source as a filter ​​​​.
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After changing from East to West in Region filter card, "primary" sheet is still correct, but "secondary" sheet becomes blank. "secondary" sheet is expected to display the same graph as "primary" sheet.
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  • Tableau Server
  • Tableau Cloud



Remove the URL parameters and reload Web page. Dashboard would be displayed as expected when modifying the values in  the filter card. You can also  Use Custom Views instead of URL parameters. 


This is an expected behavior. URL parameters from the secondary data source are currently not supported to be used in filters. When using URL parameters to filter a dashboard, they would not be recognized as existing secondary data source filters. New filters are created from URL parameters for the sheets using secondary data source filters. If you modify the values in filter card, not only existing filters but also the new filters from URL parameters are applied to the sheets.
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