Fields Become Invalid When Creating Extracts of Different Connections to the Same Table

Published: 08 Feb 2017
Last Modified Date: 09 Feb 2017


When using a workbook that contains different connections to the same table, and creating extracts of these connections, some fields may become invalid when switching from live connection to extract. 


  • Tableau Desktop


  1. Make sure you are opening a .twb version of your workbook by either saving as a .twb file, or unpackaging the .twbx. For more information on unpackaging a .twbx, see Packaged Workbooks.
  2. Right click on each of the data sources that has invalid fields, and remove the extract completely (delete the extract file.)
  3. Create a new extract for each of the data sources. Make sure that the extracts are:
    • Uniquely named
    • Saved to a local, non-temp folder.


Extracts made from different connections to the same table can overwrite each other, resulting in calculated fields, aliases and other changes in one data source affecting all the connections. 
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