Failed to create User in TableauOnlineSCIM with Azure Active Directory

Published: 30 May 2023
Last Modified Date: 02 Jun 2023


When configuring user management on Tableau Cloud with Azure Active Directory the following error occurs in the Azure Provisioning log:

Result                                 Failure
Description                         Failed to create User '[User Email]' in TableauOnlineSCIM
Roles                                  {"id": "[Id Number]", "displayName":"Read Only"}
Active                                 True
Username                          [User Email]
ReportableIdentifier           [User Email]


  • Tableau Cloud
  • SCIM
  • Azure Active Directory


Follow the steps per Configure SCIM with Azure Active Directory. On the Add Assignment page, select the user or group and assign one of the following site roles:
  • Creator
  • SiteAdministratorCreator
  • Explorer
  • SiteAdministratorExplorer
  • ExplorerCanPublish
  • Viewer
  • Unlicensed


Users receive this error as they select a role that is not in the following site roles:

Creator, SiteAdministratorCreator, Explorer, SiteAdministratorExplorer, ExplorerCanPublish, Viewer, or Unlicensed.
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