External repository for Tableau Server using PostgreSQL 9.6 does not work

Published: 28 Jun 2021
Last Modified Date: 12 Jul 2021


Tableau Server deployed in AWS and running Tableau Server version 2019.3.x, 2020.1.x, 2020.2.x, or 2020.3.x, including any maintenance releases that uses External Repository on AWS RDS does not work after January 18, 2022.


  • Tableau Server 2019.3.x, 2020.1.x, 2020.2.x, or 2020.3.x
  • External Repository using PostgreSQL


On January 18, 2022, Amazon will automatically upgrade AWS RDS instances running PostgreSQL 9.6 to PostgreSQL 10. This will render the Tableau Server unusable because PostgreSQL 10 is not a supported version. To continue using External Repository on AWS RDS, you must upgrade to Tableau Server version 2020.4 or above and upgrade AWS RDS to PostgreSQL 12 before January 18, 2022. 
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