Exporting Crosstab to Excel Doesn't Retain Column Alias for Table Calculations While Using Color Marks

Published: 16 Aug 2019
Last Modified Date: 19 Aug 2019


When using the Export > Crosstab to Excel menu option to export a crosstab, edited alias are not retained for table calculation. 


Tableau Desktop


Try one of the following workaround: 
  1. Remove Measure Names from the Color mark.
  2. Change table calculation to use absolute addressing instead of relative addressing. See this Tableau Help article for additional information about the different types of table calculations. 



When exporting a worksheet for crosstab to Excel in Tableau Desktop, the column alias is not retained in the exported file for columns using a table calculation and while the color marks is on. Normal fields are exported with the alias retained. Removing the measure names from color marks will make it export correctly. 
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