Export a list of users from Tableau Cloud

Published: 13 Mar 2015
Last Modified Date: 08 Jun 2022


Unable to export a list of all users from Tableau Cloud.


  • Tableau Cloud


There are currently two ways to export a list of users from Tableau Cloud:

Option 1

  1. Log in to Tableau Cloud with site administrator credentials (either creator or explorer) will work.
  2. Navigate to the Explore menu from the left pane.
  3. Choose New workbook from the menu dropdown located under the word explore.
  4. A data connectivity window pops up - Choose the TS Users data source from the list and select the connect button in the lower right.
  5. If you do not see the "TS Users" data source listed then use the search in the upper right and search for TS. Then choose the TS Users data source from the list and select the connect button in the lower right.
  6. Expand the user field section in the data pane to see all user fields.
  7. Drag user email and user site role to rows
  8. Select the download icon (down arrow icon) and choose crosstab.
  9. Choose either excel or .csv and select download.
  10. Navigate to the file on the computer in the download folder.

Option 2

Use the Admin Insights Project: The Admin Insights Project allows you to create Custom Admin Views about your Tableau Cloud and using the built in "TS Users" data source you can create a view containing a list of your users and this can be easily exported as a PDF, Image, CSV, Tableau Workbook.
  1. Open Tableau Desktop, under Connect, select Tableau Server.
    • Note: If you're not already signed in to Tableau Cloud, in the Tableau Server Sign In dialog box, click the Tableau Cloud hyperlink. Enter your Tableau Cloud credentials and then click Sign In.
  2. In the search box, type "TS." A list of Admin Insights data sources displays.
  3. Select [TS Users] data source and click connect.
  4. Drag User Email and User Site Role to dashboard
  5. Click worksheet > export > excel to export user list as excel file.

Option 3

Using the REST API "Query User On Site" method it is possible to get a list of users on your Tableau Cloud site.


Tableau Cloud accounts do not have the ability to enable access to the Tableau Server database, so the solution in Exporting User List - for Tableau Server - is not available.
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