Expected Dimensions and Measures Not Available When Connecting to Google Analytics

Published: 11 Feb 2015
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2019


When connecting to Google Analytics, you are unable to find fields that are visible in the Google Analytics API.


  • Tableau Desktop
  • Google Analytics


Verify the fields exist in Google's Core Reporting API. For more information, see Query Explorer in Google Analytics Demos & Tools.


Tableau Desktop will only display dimensions and measures that are available in Google's Core reporting API.

Additional Information

Some metrics may not appear to be available because they are defined as a calculation based on metrics that are available. 
  • For example, the metric "Pages/Session" (ga:pageviewsPerSession) does not appear in Tableau Desktop; however, this metric is defined as ga:pageviews / ga:sessions, both of which are available metrics.  
  • Tableau Desktop functionality allows for the flexibility to create metrics that aggregate this ratio in different ways, such as SUM(ga:pageviews)/SUM(ga:sessions), SUM(ga:pageviews / ga:sessions), or the use of other aggregations, such as AVG.

More information on the available Google Analytics dimensions and measures can be found in the below page maintained by Google:

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