Expected Content Unavailable or Options Grayed Out for User With Full Permissions

Published: 17 Aug 2017
Last Modified Date: 05 Oct 2019


Users are unable to see expected content, or some options are grayed out, even though the user and content permissions are set to allow access.


  • Tableau Online 
  • Tableau Server


Update the All_Users group permissions from Denied to None.


Permissions are set to "Denied" for a different group to which the user belongs (most likely the All_Users group).

All Tableau Server users assigned to any group belong to the “All_Users” group as well.
User permissions on Tableau Server and Tableau Online are evaluated across all groups to which the user belongs.
Since "Denied" always takes precedence over "Allowed", the user is unable to see the content/option if it is denied for the All_Users group.
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