Excel Extracts Will Not Refresh via Sync Client After Upgrade

Published: 12 Feb 2016
Last Modified Date: 30 Nov 2017


After upgrading to Tableau Desktop 9.2.4, Excel extracts no longer refresh using Sync Client.


  • Tableau Online 9.2
  • Tableau Desktop 9.2.4
  • Sync Client 9.2.4
  • Excel


Republish extracts: 
  1. Open a new workbook in Tableau Desktop.
  2. Connect to the original Excel file on which extract is based.
  3. Extract the data and save the extract, overwriting the existing local extract.
  4. Publish the extract to Tableau Online with the same name as the currently published version.
  5. When prompted, select to overwrite the current version of the extract.
  6. Open Sync Client from the System tray and perform a "Run Now" refresh. 
  7. Check date/time in Sync Client and on Tableau Online to confirm that refresh performed correctly. 
  8. Launch workbooks connected to published data source and confirm that updated data is populated. 
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