Error When Changing Text File Properties After Renaming The Connected Text File, "Unable to change table attributes on this table"

Published: 13 Sep 2022
Last Modified Date: 14 Sep 2022


After renaming the connected text file, an error occurs when changing text file properties of existing data sources.

Error Message: Unable to change table attributes on this table. Check that the server is running and that you have access privileges to the requested database.


  • Tableau Desktop


After the connected text file has been renamed, please try the following options.

Option 1
1. Select Menu > Data > New Data Source.
2. Select the renamed file.
3. Open a worksheet.
4. Select Menu > Data > Replace Data Source.
5. Open Data Source page and change Text File Properties.

Option 2
1. In Data Source page, right-click the connections name and select Edit Connection.
2. Select the renamed file.
3. Right-click the table on the Canvas and select Open.
4. Drag the renamed table from Files list and drop it on the table in a physical layer.
User-added image
5. Change Text File Properties.


After a text file is renamed, simply changing the destination file path does not replace the table.
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